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Chris lambasts Soviet style management by pretence

by chriswhite on 18/01/2013

Chris White, Liberal Democrat county councillor for St Albans Central Division, has lambasted the county council for ‘Soviet style’ management by pretence.

He said: ‘I reported the no entry sign at the entry to Market Place as having faded away to nothing. In the last couple of days I received a notification that the case had been looked at and closed.
‘I felt for a moment quite pleased but read the note more carefully and went and checked.
‘As so often with the county council, nothing had been done – it has merely been put on the “to do” list.
‘In the Soviet Union, politicians used to pretend that things were going well rather than ensure that they were. Apparently Ringway and the county council have take a leaf out of the Soviet book.’
Email to Chris White
Dear Cllr. Chris White,The status of your highway fault has changed.
Enquiry Number: 201004975448
Subject: Sign twisted/obscured
Description: Invisible ‘no entry’ sign – Market Place, St AlbansReported: 04/01/2013 12:17
Street: Market Place
Town: St Albans
Status: Closed,
Herts Highways Local Area Team has inspected this area and it will be included within our planned / programme of maintenance works. Thank you for your report.

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