Tory council slammed as ‘inadequate’

The public spending watchdog the Audit Commission has slammed Tory-run Herts County Council as ‘inadequate’ over its financial reporting, giving it a bottom score of just 1 out of 4.

Liberal Democrat Opposition Resources Spokesperson Malcolm Cowan said: ‘The county council has been given bottom marks by the Audit Commission because yet again its accounts have been qualified. Significantly the qualification is over the management of its assets – the county council is notoriously unable to manage its assets properly, whether it is roads, schools or multi-million pound office blocks. The auditors have rightly shown the Administration the red card.’

He added: ‘What is even more amazing is that the county council is using public money to pull the wool over taxpayers’ eyes. The facts speak for themselves: Financial Reporting 1 out of 4, Adult Care 3 out of 4 and Children’s Services a wretched 2 out of 4. If the county council would spend a little less on its propaganda unit and a little more on services and financial management they might do us all a favour.’

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