Vote today: message from Lib Dem candidate Christopher Townsend

Today’s the day to vote in the Police elections.

Hundreds of local people have contacted me during the campaign, angry about the planned use of G4S in our Police Service. Here in Hertfordshire I am the only candidate who can beat the Conservative responsible for the G4S plans. If the Conservative wins the G4S outsourcing will go ahead, if I win I will do everything possible to stop it. If you really want to stop this ridiculous outsourcing project from going ahead, and wasting more of your taxpayer’s money, then I need your vote today. Without us converting our words of opposition to G4S into action, nothing will change. This is the chance for Hertfordshire to make a bold statement.

If you want to find out more about me and my campaign, please go to, where I have a detailed manifesto that covers my other priorities for policing.

But my key message is: if you are serious about stopping G4S, today is the day to actually do something about it. I need your vote.

If you feel comfortable doing so, please forward this email to your contacts in Hertfordshire. Given the tightness of the race I’ll need every bit of support I can get, and unlike the opposition we don’t have big polling day operations paid for by the party. We need word of mouth (via email) to get this important message out.

Thank you for taking the time over this, and I do appreciate your support and all the messages of support that I am now getting.

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