No to Helioslough say County Council Liberal Democrats

Statement by Liberal Democrat County Councillors

Hertfordshire Liberal Democrat County Councillors’ position on the Rail
Freight Terminal on the Old Radlett Aerodrome site has always been quite

We have (along with fellow Lib Dem Councillors in St Albans and local
residents) strongly opposed the application for a Rail Freight Terminal
on this site. Indeed local county councillor Aislinn Lee has been a
leading light in helping oppose the scheme and getting the plans rejected
at local level.

It is our view that the Secretary of State has acted unreasonably in
changing his position to “minded to grant” thus overriding local views.
We very much oppose this view. Therefore we support any all legal
measures, including judicial review, to overturn a “grant” decision.

Likewise we oppose the sale of any of Herts County Council land that
would facilitate the development of a rail freight terminal on this sire
or in the green belt.

As a Group we are clear that we will not vote to release land for this project-
however we do not have a majority on the Council but hope that the
Conservatives, who do, will likewise  support local residents by refusing
to sell the land required.

We strongly believe  that Hertfordshire County Council as land owners
must act to protect residents of Hertfordshire as a Rail Freight
Terminal on this site has much greater implications for wider
communities in the whole of the south and west of Hertfordshire.

Clearly in our view the council must not do anything that would
facilitate this development either by sale of land or by entering into
S106 agreements with Helioslough until legally required to.

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