Allotment fees – victory so far over proposals for massive rises

In a victory for the Liberal Democrats and allotment holders the ruling Conservatives have been forced to shelve their plans to increase allotment fees by 400%.

‘Liberal Democrat councillors and allotment holders were astounded by the attempt by the Conservative council to balance the books on the back of City Centre allotment holders,” noted Clarence councillor Gerard McHale.

‘We have been forthright with our views that this approach isn’t on, and were prepared to vote against these proposal at the forthcoming CNC meeting,’ Gerard added.

‘We are glad to see that the Conservatives’ listening mode also applies locally and we encourage all those concerned to attend the CNC meeting on 28 June to have their voices heard,’ noted Verulam councillor Edgar Hill.

‘We will be seeking a detailed review of the cost base at the next meeting, and will ensure that all proposals coming to the September CNC meeting reflect this,’ added Cunningham councillor Robert Donald.

‘The Liberal Democrats will oppose any unjustifiable increase in fees and ensure that our allotments are protected and not just seen as another revenue generating opportunity by the Tories who are currently running the District Council, he concluded.

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