Consultation on crime priorities

Note from the district council:

Each year the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) consults with the public and local groups on its plans for the coming year to tackle crime and disorder across the District. The survey seeks residents’ views on whether the Partnership’s priorities are correct and how they think we should tackle these.  It gives residents an opportunity to share their views on crime and anti-social behaviour in the district and to highlight problems that they feel need to be addressed. The results from the survey will support the development of action plans for the Community Safety Partnership in the coming year.

Please read the draft strategy before answering the questions in the survey. The survey can be accessed:

The strategy can be found here: CSP Draft Strategy 2018-19

Crime priorities consultation

Note from the the District Council: Tell us how we should target crime and disorder

The St Albans City and District Community Safety Partnership wants to know your views on what our priorities should be for the coming year

The Partnership includes St Albans City and District Council, Hertfordshire Constabulary, the Police and Crime Commissioner and Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service. The goal of the Partnership is to prevent and tackle crime and disorder.

The Partnership has carried out a community safety assessment and has identified six priority areas to focus on in the year ahead. It is now seeking residents’ views on these priorities and different ways of delivering them by asking residents to complete a short questionnaire at:


How can we make St Albans safer?

Note from Safer community Partnership

St Albans City and District Community Safety Partnership want to hear residents’ views on how to make St Albans City and District even safer.

We can then make sure that we tackle the most important issues for residents in the year ahead. The Community Safety Partnership includes St Albans City and District Council, the police, the fire service and other agencies. It was set up to help reduce crime and disorder across the District. Each year we consult with local groups and residents on our plans and priorities for the coming year. Residents’ feedback is used to develop plans for the District, which will form part of local and county-wide strategies on reducing crime and disorder.

In 2013/14, we are planning to address the six community safety priorities shown below, which are based on a local strategic assessment. We want to know if you agree with these priorities:

  • preventing and reducing crime,
  • protecting vulnerable members of the community,
  • preventing, tackling and reducing anti-social behaviour and arson,
  • preventing and reducing alcohol and drugs misuse,
  • ensuring offenders have the help and support they need,
  • assisting troubled families.

A short questionnaire about these priorities is available to complete on the Council’s website at: . A paper questionnaire and pre-paid reply envelope is also available on request from Carol Almond at St Albans City and District Council on 01727 819538. The closing date for all responses is 4 March 2013.

Glossy police mag panned

Today saw the launch of a new glossy magazine by Hertfordshire Police. It will be available in gyms, doctors’ surgeries and other places across the county. Liberal Democrats have reacted with astonishment at this costly new publication.

Chris White, Liberal Democrat Leader and former member of the police authority, said: ‘These are times of austerity and we all have to count every penny. Why the police feel it is suitable to launch a glossy magazine that gives fashion advice is beyond me. If people want fashion advice they should buy a real magazine and I suggest that the police get back to doing their real jobs – policing our streets.’

This press release is in response to issued by the police today

Bike thefts from station

Thefts of bikes from station: there has been a problem with these but the Police are very much on the case.

There’s also bike week: on 22 June in the morning outside the Town Hall you can have free post coding of your bike (and free breakfast!) Anyone can anyway get this done at a police station or mobile police station.

For more information about bike security click here.

Nearly half of fixed penalty tickets go unpaid

Liberal Democrat Councillors have expressed dismay that nearly a half of all fixed penalty notices issued by the police for public disorder offences remain unpaid each year.

Liberal Democrat Leader Chris White said: ‘This is an astonishing figure. The public rightly assume that when the police issue a penalty it will be paid – not ignored. The excuse in part is that the paperwork is not always correctly completed – but this is simply not good enough.

‘There has to be rapid action to ensure that those committing criminal acts do not get away with non payment – whatever the reason.’

The figures came to light at a meeting in St Albans on Wednesday evening.