No good news for Salisbury Avenue

The county council has admitted to Chris White that there is to be yet another delay on resurfacing Salisbury Avenue, which was untidily patched many months ago.

Chris commented: ‘This is beginning to try everyone’s patience. I know that officials appear to be doing what they can, but local residents are rather tired of excuses.

‘This work was scheduled to take place in April. It’s now November and we are being told that there will be further delays and that they are hoping that something might happen by March 2013.

‘Yet again, can’t the county council just get on with it?’

Full text of letter:
As you are aware Hertfordshire Highways have attempted to undertake some resurfacing works in Salisbury Avenue on a number of occasions over the last year.

Due to weather and operational pressures unfortunately, it has not been possible to complete these works to date. In an effort to get the site completed before Christmas I have approached our new Framework Contractors to see if they would be willing to undertake the work as part of a small micro package. In view of the current proposed treatment however, they were not willing to take the site on for the treatment previously identified.

As specialists in resurfacing it is essential that we listen to their guidance. Unfortunately this does mean another delay. Please be assured though we are currently seeking an alternative solution and in addition have requested some early contractor involvement from our new Highway Service Term Contractor Ringway, to achieve the best result. I am sure you will agree it is essential we use the right treatment not only give the best value but also to cause the least disruption and longevity of the surface.

Once I have some further news I will be in touch . I am hopeful that a solution for delivery this financial year is still possible. In the meantime if you would like to discuss the matter further then please do not hesitate to contact me direct, thank you.

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