‘Back to the drawing board’ call over Clarence Park

The Lib Dem councillors for Clarence ward have called for the district council administration to go back to the drawing board over their plans to change the legal basis of Clarence Park’s trust deed.

Clarence member Chris White said: ‘We sat through the special meeting on Thursday night open-mouthed at the inability of the administration to justify why they were tinkering with provisions of the deed.

‘It was clear that many of the changes were simply legally unnecessary. Others were quite clearly geared into opening up the whole park to commercial exploitation.’

He added: ‘It is no good Cllr Chichester-Miles saying that if you don’t like the change just vote No. Local people need to be given a fully worked through and comprehensible set of changes. What we have is a mix of leading questions, misleading questions and downright commercialism.’

He concluded: ‘People will be horrified to learn that the Conservative Cabinet is seeking the power to close the park for 12 months of the year and on any Sunday. Why on earth would they want these powers?’

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