County concerned at bus pass renewals failure

Note from the county council

The process to renew free bus passes across Hertfordshire began in June 2012 and involved sending postal reminders to households on a district basis. The mail out of reminders is now complete and over 90,000 passes have been renewed. However, we estimate there are approx 40,000 passes left to renew. We have started a communications campaign using print and digital media targeting bus pass users and their carers and relatives to encourage them to renew now.

We are aware that some applications received following 4th March may not be fulfilled before 31st. Therefore we have instructed bus companies to accept expired passes until 30th April by which time many passes will have been renewed. For those who have failed to renew their pass by 30th April they will be required to complete a new application. We will be communicating this to the public from 4th March.

People can apply online at or collect a renewal form from their local library, district/borough council offices, tourist information offices and one-stop-shops.

New applicants or those who have has their pass lost, stolen, worn or damaged can collect application forms from their local library,district/borough council offices, tourist information offices and one-stop-shops.

New passes should arrive within 20 working days of a renewal form being received and it will be valid for up to five years from the date of issue. Pass holders will be able to use their old pass until the new one arrives. Whilst there have been a few issues and some delays at points in the renewal project we can confirm this timescale is currently being met.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact either Jeff Tucker at  or myself using the details below.

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