Lib Dem condemn county council for treating flooding as a low priority


Liberal Democrats are incensed by the way Herts County Council are downplaying the need to take action on road flooding. Malcolm Cowan, deputy leader of the county council’s Lib Dem group says: ‘I was told by the highways contractors Ringway that road flooding is a low priority and I was unlikely to see any action from a long list of local flooding sites I had painstakingly compiled.

‘I know that gully cleaning is a very hit and miss affair – many drains that are covered with weeds and will not take water are ignored, with possible clearance postponed for up to a year. Yet blocked drains are a major cause of the flooding problem. Driving through a flood means you cannot see any potholes that can cause accidents, and of course the flooding itself rapidly causes further damage to the road. Not to mention the risk of skidding or aquaplaning.

‘Now I have been told that a road has to be impassable for at least 10 hours before action is taken – 10 hours is more than a complete working day. And this excludes the problems of footpaths that are stopping pedestrians going out and about. And of course road flooding can easily lead to the heat-breaking incidence of flooding of property and homes.’

Malcolm added: ‘The stench of complacency needs to be fumigated and some purposeful action take place, starting with insisting Ringway clear blocked drains, not walk away from them.’

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