Time to get serious about litter

Liberal Democrat Councillors Edgar Hill and Chris White are pushing for St Albans District Council to adopt Fixed Penalty Notices for persistent offenders caught littering.

“I have received numerous complaints and witnessed personally the ever increasing problem of littering in our Parks and Streets” said District Councillor Edgar Hill. “It must be plain to see that educating the Public alone is not sufficient and issuing a Fixed penalty Notice to offenders for littering could be a valuable tool in the Council’s armoury.”

Chris and Edgar have liaised with local council officers who agreed that under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environmental Act 2005 it would be good practice for the Council to have the ability to issue Fixed Penalty Notices.

“If you add that there is also evidence from other neighbouring Councils who have adopted the Scheme, contracting this out could make it cost neutral and self funding” said Liberal Democrat District Group Leader Chris White. “I can see no reason why St Albans District Council doesn’t implement Fixed Penalty Notices and take the fight back to the litter louts.”

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