Agreement on new flood fund for local residents

St Albans District Council last night agreed a Liberal Democrat proposal to create a £100,000 flood fund to help domestic and business premises which have been flooded more than once per annum over the past two years.

Chris White, Liberal Democrat Group Leader, said: ‘We introduced this idea a year ago but the other parties failed to back us. This year, I am pleased to say, we got all party support.

‘There are too many individual properties which have suffered flooding in this district. While the headlines have understandably been about the terrible events in the north of England, surface water flooding and sewage has affected homes and businesses in this area as well – in some cases for many years.

‘Currently government backed schemes are inadequate to help those affected and the costs of localised flood prevention can be very high.

‘The details of the scheme have yet to be agreed but this should provide welcome relief to some of our residents.’

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