Lib Dems step up the pressure on air pollution

A Lib Dem motion calling for anti-idling zones in St Albans was passed by Councillors at the full council meeting ​on Wednesday, with technical amendments from other groups.

Chris Davies, who moved the motion, said: ‘​The statistics tell us air-pollution is harmful to everyone, in particular to those classed as vulnerable: young, elderly, those with respiratory or heart problems. Motor idling is one of the main contributors to air pollution and although the District Council has launched an ‘anti-idling campaign’ this is reliant on the public goodwill and taking action. 

‘More needs to be done. Clean air zones which encourage anti-idling through a focus on air quality and charging are a potential solution. The Liberal Democrat group motion ​proposed introducing clean air zones to encourage anti-idling within the district. By restricting polluting vehicles idling outside h​ospitals, s​chools and care homes as well as ​high pollution areas we can ensure more is being done to reduce this environmental risk.’​

​The motion was referred to the Community, Environment and Sport Scrutiny Committee which met the next day and agreed to ask for a full report considering a range of options to be presented to its next meeting.

‘Quite rightly Councillors feel we should be doing more and more urgently to curtail air pollution caused by vehicles idling,’ said Committee C​hair Cllr Anthony Rowlands.

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