Car parking visitor permit charges review

The impact of an increase to the cost of visitor car parking permits in the St Albans District is to be reviewed.

The price of a single-use permit for streets that form part of a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) rose from a minimum 37p to £1.30 earlier this year.

This rise was due to the withdrawal by St Albans City and District Council of four-hour visitor parking permits. They had cost £3.70 for a book of ten – the equivalent of 37p each.

Vouchers are now only available at a cost £13 for a book, £1.30 each, although they can cover a whole day.

A report on parking permits was considered by the Council’s Community, Environment and Sport Scrutiny Committee at its meeting on Thursday 7 September.

After a debate, members decided to ask the Car Parking Working Party to review the impact of the changes at its meeting next month.

They have also been asked to investigate how the scheme could be amended to assist those residents who are less able to pay.

Councillor Anthony Rowlands, the Committee’s Chair, said: “This was a significant rise for many of our residents and I have been told some are struggling with it.

“Older residents, in particular, often have friends coming to visit them at their home regularly by car for short periods.

“They are now paying £1.30 to provide them with a parking permit instead of 37p. That can all add up to quite a sum.

“The Committee felt this extra cost could be burdensome and needed to be looked at again as a matter of urgency by the Car Parking Working Party. We will wait to see the outcome of that review.”

Members also wanted to encourage greater publicity for visitor permits for carers and health visitors. Details are available on the Council’s website here:



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