Social distancing experiment starts Tuesday: major road changes in George Street, High Street, Market Place and Hatfield Road

  • Herts County Council has launched a “Social Distancing in the Highway” public health-related initiative. 
  • Essentially, vehicular movements on certain roads across the county will be restricted in order to yield more “road space” for pedestrians. 
  • The main reason for the initiative is to facilitate social distancing where current pavement width simply does not allow this.
  • St Albans schemes are due to be put in place from Tuesday 26 May

Further information:

HCC are working on other streets across the county. A B-List is being drawn up. It will include locations deemed to have less-compromised footways, but nevertheless which may benefit from similar interventions. The C-List will be a schedule of roads suggested or otherwise considered for some sort of treatment, which HCC has reviewed but concluded they cannot take forward.

The three current SADC A-List locations are:

Harpenden: Bowers Parade (Vaughan Road to no. 37 Bowers Parade) – on-street parking bay closures, for length of Bowers Parade.

St Albans Town Centre: George Street, High Street and Market Place/City Centre – road closures, to pedestrianise city centre roads.

Hatfield Road: (Sutton Road Roundabout to Clarence Road) – closure of on-street parking outside shops.

This work is being led by county council officers and is extremely fast-paced in nature. Important information is emerging all the time, virtually on a daily basis. Cross-county meetings now take place weekly. 

Additional points to note:

  • HCC will be monitoring road and crossings usage post-implementation. That will include possible phase changes to traffic lights and crossing demand buttons.
  • There is a recognition that these interventions will push parking demand back into off-street car parks in some instances. 
  • Where road closures take place, the intention is to ensure access is maintained for deliveries, waste collection, street cleaning and, of course, emergency response vehicles.

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