4 thoughts on “County council draft plans for ‘active travel’ in central St Albans

  1. Gary Alderson says:

    Please can we get on with these improvements as soon as possible.

    We continue to have excessive speeding on London Road, drivers going the wrong way down Marlborough Road one way street to join London Road and a very difficult junction at London Road / Marlborough Road for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. We also have uncontrolled parking on Marlborough Road and completely eroded zebra crossing as County do not (reasonably) want to repaint road markings so District can’t enforce parking restrictions.

    Consultation feels like it has been on going for several years. As a resident at the corner of London Road and Marlborough Road who regularity walks down Keyfield Road / Old London Road / Cottonmill Lane I have diligently responded to the consultations on the proposals. There most come a point where great benefits to the whole community take precedence and we get on with change for the greater good rather than endlessly talking about it.

    Please urge that the County get in with the practical works of the whole scheme to promote walking, cycling and traffic safety soonest.

  2. Lionel Price says:

    What consultation has there been on the proposal to stop vehicles moving between Keyfield Terrace and Old London Road? It would push even more traffic through the Peahen junction and along Prospect Road – both are already congested. Do the residents of the area between Hart Road and Belmont Hill really want their only way of entering or leaving the area to be via Holywell Hill? And have Prospect Road resifdents been asked for their opinion?
    It would also make it harder for emergency vehicles to access Sopwell Lane and Keyfield Terrace. It might be impossible for a fire engine to reach the houses or any of the five pubs on these streets. Even if the streets are theoretically wide-enough for a fire engine, just one badly parked vehicle could block access.

  3. Chris White says:

    Absolute joke. Allow 2-way traffic to make cycling safer haha. This is simply using ‘Active Travel’ fund money to promote easier access for drivers to the Maltings Car Park via New Kent Road.

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