Station noise complaints are back – but FCC say it’s cured

I have had renewed noise about excessively noisy announcements from the station. FCC have got back to me and say:

– the problem is now cured
– the local staff now have access to the box (this was previously a problem for some reason – only staff up the line could deal with it)
– there is anyway a new system on its way which will be sensitive to ambient noise.

Let me know what you think: do you believe things have improved?

Waste and recycling FAQs

This was issued last Tuesday but still holds good. Further updates will be made available as published.

Refuse and Recycling FAQ’s (for waste website)

Q What is happening with refuse and recycling collections this week?
A All scheduled collections are taking place this week where it is safe to do so. We do however have to be mindful of the safety of our crews and residents both when moving large and extremely heavy collection vehicles around in slippery conditions and when moving containers off and on the footways.

Q My road is still icy. Will my refuse and recycling be collected?
A We will attempt to access as many roads as possible. Any roads that are not accessible will be listed here and regularly updated. We will return to these roads during the course of the week as conditions improve, so please leave your waste/recyclables accessible for collection.

Q Will you be collecting missed refuse or recycling from last week?
A Unfortunately, there is not sufficient vehicle capacity or resources to collect all the refuse and recycling from the missed areas last week. Also the crews are in different parts of the district. However on your next scheduled collection day during the week commencing Monday 16th February, we will collect all excess refuse and recycling as follows:
a) Flat packed cardboard placed next to your green wheeled bin/bag
b) Excess newspapers, magazines, cans and plastic bottles placed in carrier bags next to the boxes – but glass bottles must be in the recycling boxes, NOT in bags
c) Excess refuse in refuse sacks next to the black wheeled bin

Q When will collections be fully back to normal?
A We are now running to the normal schedule. Weather permitting, we expect all missed collections to have been picked up by the end of the week commencing 16 February.

Q By next week I will have had uncollected food waste for well over two weeks. Are there health concerns?
A No.The low temperatures and the containment of the waste in the secure wheeled bins/kitchen caddies will ensure that there are no possible health concerns. Food waste can also be disposed of in either green or black bins. Any bagged refuse prone to attack by animals can be double bagged .

Q What happens if my refuse bin is overflowing?
A Please put any refuse which cannot be stored in the bin in black bags and place next to the black bin on the scheduled collection day. Please tie all bags securely.

Q How do I find out the latest information?
A We will be updating our website regularly with the latest information and answers to residents questions. This information will also be held by our contact centre staff (01727 866100) and we will be issuing information to the local press and radio, and to local councillors.