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Anti-idling campaign

Note from the district council to Chris White

S106 funding of £5,000 has now been allocated to this project and I wanted to let you know about it so it’s on your radar.

The primary aim of the campaign is to improve air quality and protect the health of residents and visitors, by persuading drivers to switch off their engines when they are stationary. The aim is to educate drivers to the impacts to health, environment and their pockets, of leaving their engines running and encourage them to switch off. This is a light-touch educational campaign and no enforcement action will be used against drivers who idle their engines.

Over the coming months I intend to produce publicity materials which will be distributed to schools, taxi drivers and bus companies. Residents will also receive a flyer in their resident permit mailings. I will also be encouraging community groups and schools to lead on projects to promote the messages within the campaign where possible.

Weeds and grass

There are still problems across the district despite assurances from the County Council that all is in hand.

This photo is from Hamilton Road:


There are also still streets which have not had weed treatment, like Liverpool Road and Marlborough Gate.

All of these issues are being taken up with the County Council but let us know if there are any others.


County Council announces highways works for 2017-2018

The County Council has announced its works for 2017-2018. These are separate from works selected by Chris, which form only 15% of the highways spending in St Albans Central Division.

We are pleased to see Vernon Close and Royal Road are now included since both roads are in an increasingly poor state: a great deal of lobbying was needed to get them onto this list.

Click on the list below for further details.

1718 Draft2 Jul2016 Div_45

Salisbury Avenue drainage works

These are supposed to be happening on Monday – together with the road closure – but the letter says August. We have contacted the County Council to sort out the confusion.

They will try and go ahead with the new works and say they will issue a new letter on Monday morning.

This is hardly a satisfactory outcome.

Hatfield Road roadworks

I am writing to notify you of the forthcoming Carriageway resurfacing works along the A1057 Hatfield Road, St Albans.  The works will be carried out throughout the length of the roundabout at the junction with Oaklands Lane.

The works will be completed using a full Road Closure on Wednesday 27th July and will take approximately 1 night to complete between 8pm – 5am.  

A soft closure will be implemented on both Oaklands Lane and Smallford Lane to allow access for residents/businesses whilst the signed diversion route will send traffic via A1001 Comet Way /A414 North Orbital Road / A1081 London Road / Drakes Drive / Ashley Road / A1057 Hatfield Road and vice a versa.

The Variable Message Signs (VMS) will be deployed in the local and surrounding area to warn motorists travelling through this area.

People joining Lib Dems at rate of one a minute: 50 new members in St Albans alone

By last night, 6,000 people had joined and numbers are continuing to rise, driven by social media.

“A lot of people have felt this very deeply,” said Tim Farron. “They are concerned that the Brexit leaders clearly had no economic plan and are understandably fearful about what lies ahead for jobs and investment. But more even than that, these new members want to demonstrate that Britain remains an internationalist, open and optimistic country.

“We are now the only party committed to keeping our place in Europe. As the other two parties leave the field of battle, it falls to us to fight for our European future.”

Voting on Thursday

  1. If you have a postal vote and have not yet returned it, you can take it into ANY polling station within the St Albans district up until 10pm on Thursday
  1. If you have an emergency on Thursday eg work or medical, you can contact the council and get an emergency proxy vote up until 5pm on Thursday.

01727 819294

  1. You do NOT need your polling card to vote. If you do not know where your polling station is you can call St Albans District Council on 01727 819294 or call 01727 855523 to reach the local Stronger In team.

Parking update

Message from the District Council (see important note at the bottom regarding updates)

The responses to the residents parking survey have now been reviewed.  It has taken some time to review the responses as large area was considered to ensure that all residents that could potentially be affected by parking issues could provide feedback.  The overall response rate was 73% with 47% wanting some restrictions, 49% did not want restrictions and 4% undecided.  The responses then have been reviewed on a street by street basis and it was clear that some roads were in favour of controls.  These roads are located closest to the rail station and Hatfield Road.  It is therefore been recommended to progress residents parking in the areas highlighted below and in the attached maps.

Arthur Road

Brampton Road

Burnham Road

Clarence Road

Gainsborough Avenue

Glenferrie Road

Harlesden Road

Jennings Road (From No 1 to the junction with Churchill Road)

Park Avenue

Royal Road

Sandfield Road

York Road

Harlesden Road and Burnham Road responses did indicate that more residents were in favour of no controls, however as roads around the area have the potential to be controlled then there is a potential for displacement into these roads.

The next stage will now be for residents to be consulted on the design on the scheme so that feedback can be received and amendments considered.  Should a road strongly reject the proposals they can be removed from the scheme.

Note: the maps referred to are below.

Revised 1 Revised 2

Important note

The following streets will also be consulted as part of the next stage:

Woodstock Road South (omitted by the Council in error)

Blenheim Road and Sefton Close (added because of representations made by residents)

Sunderland Avenue (added because of representations made by residents)

Road works postponed yet again

We have just received this note from the County Council’s contractor:

It is with great regret that I have to inform you that the following sites have been postponed;

  • Lower Paxton Road, St Albans
  • Paxton Road, St Albans
  • Edward Close, St Albans

This is unfortunately due to the continued delays with Machine malfunctions. We are trying our utmost best to complete these sites within a timely matter and apologise greatly for the delay. This will be reprogrammed as availability allows and you will be informed accordingly. All relevant residents will be made aware via updated yellow boards located at the end of the programmed road.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this may cause you and your constituents. If I can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.