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Clarence ward by-election: increase in vote share for the Liberal Democrats

Daisy Cooper with Cllr Ellie Hudspith

Daisy Cooper with Cllr Ellie Hudspith









The results of yesterday’s by-election are set out below:

Green Party 98


Ellie Hudspith – Liberal Democrat 916 ELECTED

Labour 193

Conservative 388

Chris White said: ‘I am delighted to welcome Ellie to the team. She has been an excellent candidate and I am sure she will be an excellent councillor.

‘The Conservatives pressed us hard in this by-election, having previously taken no interest in the ward. The Lib Dem message of “Service and action all year round, not just at elections” clearly hit home and well over 50% of those who voted backed Ellie and the Clarence Lib Dem team.’

Paxton and Lower Paxton: note from County Council

Colas Ltd, are programmed to carry out ironwork adjustments and road marking replacement on the following sites in your constituency on the dates stated:

  • Lower Paxton, St. Albans – 24th October
  • Paxton Road, St. Albans – 24th October

Attached are the Works Information Leaflets which will be posted to the residents of each street, in addition to the distribution maps highlighting which residents will receive these leaflets.

The process is weather dependant which can result in delays. Any changes to the programmed date will be updated on the onsite ‘yellow boards’ and any postponed sites will be marked as such.

Message from Govia Thameslink

Govia Thameslink Railway is consulting on a major timetable change for 2018 planned for our Thameslink, Southern, Gatwick Express and Great Northern routes that will boost capacity and link new communities in the south of England to stations across the heart of London and beyond, to Bedford, Peterborough and Cambridge.

The new timetable is needed to facilitate the expansion of the Thameslink network in 2018 and will enable passengers to benefit from the major investment of the Government-sponsored Thameslink Programme. This expansion is in part enabled by the completion of work at London Bridge which will allow many more Thameslink trains to operate through the station, removing a major bottleneck in the rail network. It will facilitate a significant increase in services to London Bridge. For reference, please find the information sheets attached which outline the proposals according to route.

Passengers and stakeholders can download the details, a “station checker” and respond via the websites using this link or

More Herts County Council schools nonsense

In what Liberal Democrat Councillors are labelling as a mean-spirited move the Conservative-run County Council has vetoed a move to allow all schools in Hertfordshire to ask for gritting salt to help keep school routes and schools open.

Only those schools more than 100 metres from a County Council designated salt gritting route can apply for free salt from the Council.

Liberal Democrat Group Leader Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst proposed at Monday’s Highways Panel at County Hall that all schools, irrespective of their location, should be able to  get the salt to help them. His plan, backed by Labour, was voted down by the Conservatives.

“This is mean spirited and means a two tier system. Many urban schools in town centres are within 100 metres of a gritting route but the roads and pavements next to schools are not part of that because they are on a side road. This creates a hazard for children so even if the school and parents wanted to help out they would have to find the
salt and grit themselves. That is wrong!” said Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst.

“This is frankly a disgrace especially as the Council has a massive stock and has even been offered free of charge a large amount from Tesco who have an over supply! I am demanding they rethink this refusal. I cannot see any justification for refusing requests from schools for salt to grit the pavements,” Stephen concluded.

St Albans set to grind to a halt when it snows this winter

Maps produced by the County Council show that traffic will completely grind to a halt in central St Albans should there be any snow this winter.

The new maps – which Herts CC claims will only reduce coverage by 2% – remove the following roads from the gritting routes:

  • St Peter’s Road
  • Manor Road
  • Beaconsfield Road
  • Lemsford Road
  • Marlborough Road
  • Clarence Road
  • Woodstock Road North
  • Woodstock Road South.

Local Lib Dem County Councillor Chris White commented: ‘It is already bad enough when it snows. But these routes are all part of the key arterial network of the centre of St Albans: if these roads are left impassable traffic will simply grind to a halt.

‘Yet again the hopelessly out of touch Conservative County Council has – without any consultation – decided what it best for St Albans like some nineteenth century colonial power.’

The new maps are shown below:

Anti-idling campaign

Note from the district council to Chris White

S106 funding of £5,000 has now been allocated to this project and I wanted to let you know about it so it’s on your radar.

The primary aim of the campaign is to improve air quality and protect the health of residents and visitors, by persuading drivers to switch off their engines when they are stationary. The aim is to educate drivers to the impacts to health, environment and their pockets, of leaving their engines running and encourage them to switch off. This is a light-touch educational campaign and no enforcement action will be used against drivers who idle their engines.

Over the coming months I intend to produce publicity materials which will be distributed to schools, taxi drivers and bus companies. Residents will also receive a flyer in their resident permit mailings. I will also be encouraging community groups and schools to lead on projects to promote the messages within the campaign where possible.

Weeds and grass

There are still problems across the district despite assurances from the County Council that all is in hand.

This photo is from Hamilton Road:


There are also still streets which have not had weed treatment, like Liverpool Road and Marlborough Gate.

All of these issues are being taken up with the County Council but let us know if there are any others.


County Council announces highways works for 2017-2018

The County Council has announced its works for 2017-2018. These are separate from works selected by Chris, which form only 15% of the highways spending in St Albans Central Division.

We are pleased to see Vernon Close and Royal Road are now included since both roads are in an increasingly poor state: a great deal of lobbying was needed to get them onto this list.

Click on the list below for further details.

1718 Draft2 Jul2016 Div_45

Salisbury Avenue drainage works

These are supposed to be happening on Monday – together with the road closure – but the letter says August. We have contacted the County Council to sort out the confusion.

They will try and go ahead with the new works and say they will issue a new letter on Monday morning.

This is hardly a satisfactory outcome.