Following yesterday’s debate at cabinet panel on the Conservative plans to slash opening hours at the county’s Household Waste sites, Cllr Sandy Walkington, Liberal Democrat spokesperson on the Environment said:

“Yesterday’s decision was a glass half full, a glass half empty.  The Conservatives caved in on shutting any of the sites completely and they recognised the common sense of moving to later opening hours on the days when the sites will be open.  Their minds were certainly concentrated by the thousands of petition signatures across much of the county.

“But they still need to show more flexibility even if they are determined to stick to a single shift operation.  It’s about serving local residents at the times they need, not just laying down a schedule to suit the operator.  The Liberal Democrat amendment to keep sites open every day even with shorter hours was defeated,  though this was clearly the most important factor in residents’ responses.  So lets now investigate whether there could be late opening on one day a week. Read more »

Lib Dems condemn grossly misleading District Council press release on parking

St Albans Liberal Democrat group has condemned as ‘grossly misleading’ the Conservative press release issued by the district council which claims that the cost of reversing last year’s car parking increase would be £1.6 million.

Lib Dem leader Chris White said: ‘I have the cabinet papers in front of me. The total cost of all possible options comes to £1.594 million. This comprises a menu of possibilities, some of which, eg removing the Sunday car parking charge in the civic centre’s own car park, come only to £13,000.

‘The larger figures in the menu have been provided by NCP, which has – to say the least – a vested interest. These costs are not audited or substantiated.’

Chris added: ‘It is not appropriate for the Conservatives to use council facilities to put out propaganda on the rates. I have made a formal complaint to the Chief Executive about this press release and demanded that it be withdrawn.’


Old London Road temporary closure in October

Note from the county council

NOTICE is given that the Hertfordshire County Council intend to make an Order under Section 14[1] of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, to prohibit all traffic from using that length of Old London Road, St Albans from its junction with Watsons Walk south eastwards for a distance of approximately 50 metres, except for access.

The purpose of the Order is to enable utility repair works to take place.

The section of road will be closed for approximately 3 days during the period 20 October 2014and 22 October 2014, when signs are in place. An alternative signed route will be provided for traffic whilst the road closure is in place.

If you have any queries about the utility repair works or the temporary road closure, please contact Andrew Manning tel. 08457 145145 at Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions or David Parkinson tel. 0300 123 4047 at Hertfordshire County Council.

St Albans Food and Drink Festival

Note from the district council

The 2014 St Albans & Harpenden Food & Drink Festival starts on Wednesday 24 September with a wealth of culinary events and restaurant offers.

During the Festival many of the District’s eateries have special offers for you to enjoy. Tasting sessions, foraging expeditions and street food are just some of the attractions to try.

The festival runs from Wednesday 24 September to Monday 6 October and full details are available on the website –


Secondary admissions: announcement from the county council

The new school year may have only just started but it’s already time for parents and carers to start planning ahead for next year.
The application process for secondary schools (including upper, studio schools or university technical colleges) is open from this week.

If your child starts primary, or moves on to a junior, middle, secondary, upper, studio school or university technology college next year make sure you apply for a place in good time.

The easiest way to apply for a school place for September 2015 is to and complete the online application form. Online applications can be amended at any time up to the closing date and you can access your school offer before allocation letters are received and accept your school allocation online.

Gombards car park trees

Residents have been understandably been alarmed that yellow crosses have appeared on a number of trees – the traditional mark to show that they are due to be felled.

In fact these have been marked simply because NCP wishes to pollard them and there is no intention to fell.

Chris has been in touch with the district council who have given assurances and apologised for the alarm caused.

Clarence Park: new locking up arrangments

From the District Council

John O’Connor [the District Council’s contractors] have now got someone to lock the gates at Clarence Park. They will be putting up temporary signs at each entrance to make people aware of the closing time (as the park users and commuters have become used to the gates being permanently open). SADC officers are looking into signs to allow the Park ranger to update opening and closing times throughout the year. Officers would welcome any feedback from local residents and forum members, if the future locking up of the park is not being adhered to.

Street nameplate service

From the district council

Help St Albans City and District Council keep street nameplates looking their best by letting us know if they need repairing, replacing or cleaning.

If you spot that a street nameplate is missing, dirty or damaged, please contact us with details of the problem and its location, with a photograph if possible. Please send the information to us by emailing  [email protected]

or calling 01727 819392. We will then arrange for the necessary work to be carried out.

The Council looks after around 12,000 street nameplates for roads that are adopted by Hertfordshire County Council.

Some roads in the District are not adopted and the nameplates for these are maintained privately by the landowner. General direction road signs are maintained by County Council.


Chris appeals again to the county council to repaint lines on Hall Place Gardens

Chris White has this morning issued a fresh appeal for the county council to repaint the missing yellow and white lines near Maple primary school and the High School for Girls.

Chris said: ‘There is no reason at all why these lines should not have been redone by now – the resurfacing was some weeks ago. At first, I received only bureaucratic responses. Now I have been assured of action within a few days.

‘But the problem is now. There was traffic chaos this morning. And tomorrow there will be coaches going to the High School.

‘Cars are parked on corners. This has led to major congestion and is of course dangerous when there are so many children and young people making their way to school.’

Chris slams Eurovia over Burnham Road fiasco

Chris White (County Councillor for Clarence and St Peter’s Wards) has slammed Eurovia over the repeated failures to resurface Burnham Road or communicate with residents and councillors

Chris said: ‘I have been contacted by numerous residents who have now been told twice that the road was due to be resurfaced and that they should move their cars. On the first occasion many residents did only to find that the work had been postponed for no reason.

‘On Saturday I visited the road and watched while Eurovia, the HCC highways contractor which also owns the main contractor Ringway, did botched preparation repairs to some but not all of the numerous potholes.’ Read more »


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